Friday, January 20, 2012

Much better.

Last night I was determined to try something new--to try to get our evening routine on a more even keel. I got home with J and L and had J sit down for a snack while I brought L upstairs to throw in a load of laundry. Then I put L in his high chair and gave him a snack while J did her homework. Once dinner was ready, we all sat down to dinner together. After dinner we turned on the music and danced/played instruments. L had a bottle and then we headed upstairs. J set up her animal figurines for us to play with while I dressed L for bed, brushed his teeth, and put him down for the night. J and I played with the animals for 15 minutes (until I knew L was really asleep), then I put the clothes in the dryer and we went downstairs to bake a cinnamon cake for an event we're going to tonight. While the cake was baking we went back to J's room and played Zoobles together. When it came time for her to put her PJs on and brush her teeth, I went downstairs and turned off the oven and took out the cake. I tucked her in for bed and snuggled with her for a bit until she was asleep. After she was out, I went downstairs and picked up the living room, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. By 9:30 I was done with my chores, both kids were asleep, and I was feeling so relaxed.

It was such a GREAT night. And the best part? We didn't turn on the TV or computer at home ALL DAY yesterday. I'm thinking that needs to become the norm. When I pointed it out to J, she was surprised, in a good way. Of course, this morning she came down stairs and immediately turned on the TV. But we turned it right off....

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