Thursday, January 12, 2012

Point A

In order to define where I want to be, I should first define where I am NOW. I'm not sure how to define it, so I think instead I'll just define the areas of my life where I know I want to make changes.

Physically--I am what is considered to be of average weight for my height. I'm not overweight and I'm not underweight. My BMI is 21.9. I'm not sure I can attribute this to being health-conscious or active. Instead, it's more due to the fact that I have so many life-threatening food allergies and various food sensitivities that make my diet restricted and rather blah. I have dental issues that go a long ways back--I hate the dentist ever since I fell down a flight of stairs when I was 14 and knocked my 2 front teeth out. It took extensive dental work to fix it, and up until the time I turned 18 I went to the dentist regularly and didn't have a single cavity. Unfortunately, that's no longer the case. I have many, many cavities. And my fear of the dentist is so strong that I went once in 2006 and then didn't go back again until 2009. And that was to get my wisdom teeth pulled--I wouldn't even allow the dentist to attempt to deal with my cavities.

Emotional/attitude--Emotionally I think I am pretty stable. At least, I know I am compared to years and months past. With the exception of, ahem, certain times of the month. At work and at home I always feel overwhelmed. At home I'm juggling too many things in short periods of time. At work I have a pretty healthy workload but I am always getting detoured by my thoughts. I feel pretty scatterbrained at work and at home. Sometimes I definitely get the feeling that I'm a shaken can of soda just ready to explode... but not nearly as extreme as I used to. One night a week is my "night off" to do things for me. Unfortunately, I usually wind up doing things like shopping or making returns. I never know what to do with myself.

Spiritually--We are parishioners at our local Catholic parish. We attend Mass as a family every Sunday. J is enrolled in Religious Education and is preparing for her First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. I am a member of the Mom's Group, but because they mostly do things during the day, the only way I participate is when I make a meal for a new mom.

Socially--I am friends with my co-workers. We have kids around the same ages. We occasionally (like 6x/year) will do something outside of work together. Maybe go see a movie, dinner at someone's house, etc. They all have other local friends, though. Besides my co-workers, all of my friends are far away. I use Facebook and message boards a lot to keep in touch with family, friends, and even complete strangers that I've befriended. As I mentioned above, I am also in our parish Mom's Group but I "know" very few of the members due to being unable to participate in most events.

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