Monday, January 16, 2012

Point B

I decided to give myself a few days after writing my "Point A" post to really think about my destination ("Point B"). What do I want out of life? Where do I want to be? How important is it to change EVERYTHING? What gets priority?

The few days off thinking, and just living life, were helpful. Last week's grieving gave me a lot of motivation for change, but it was the processing I've done in the last few days that have helped me look at what true changes need to happen.

Physically--I need to start paying more attention to myself and my body. I've never been good at this--whether it's from selflessness or lack of confidence, who knows. I just don't take care of myself. Physically, I'll consider myself at Point B when I'm working out at least 2x/week, showering daily, keeping up with good hygiene better, and going for physicals, dental check-ups, etc. regularly.

Emotional/Attitude--I need to address what is causing me to feel so overwhelmed and come up with solutions to feel less stress. Yes, de-stressing is a goal of mine. I also need to start taking advantage of my "me time" as time for ME and not for doing other things.

Spiritually--I want more. More than I currently have. More than where I am. In the last week or two it has come to light more than ever for me that I want to be connected more to the Bible. It seems to me (in my experience at Catholic parishes) that there is an emphasis on the Mass (which contains scripture readings) and the sacraments, but not as much attention to God's Word, the Bible, as there is in other Christian denominations. I work on a daily basis with the Bible and my unfamiliarity with it (despite having a degree in Religious Studies) astounds me. Sure, I know the basic stories but not much more beyond that. I don't just have a desire to be connected more to the Bible, but to also pray more often. I've gotten "too busy" to pray. I "don't know what to say." I'm not a fan of rote prayers. So my goal is just to deepen my spirituality in a variety of ways.

Socially--Oh boy. "My friends are inside my computer screen." That couldn't be more true. So many friends are far from me. I'm so dependent on Facebook and various message boards for friendships. I'm not very outgoing, I'm not very good at networking, but I am realizing more and more that I have GOT to find a way to make friends around me. And I think one of the main ways of doing that is to decrease my dependency on the people "out there." That doesn't mean leaving friends behind, but it means I don't need to know 20 times a day what everyone is doing wherever they are. My focus needs to be on the here and now.

Sooo.... those are my goals. I know that I need to make specific objectives for achieving them--but I'll get there eventually. Now that I've listed out where I am and where I want to be, the future of this blog lies in what I'm doing, how I'm doing, etc.

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