Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who am I kidding?

This blog is for me. I'm not good with writing things down but I don't mind pulling up Blogger once per day to chronicle how I'm doing towards my goal.

I have a love-hate relationship with showering. Sounds weird, I know. I have the option of showering when I get up in the morning or at night before bed (after the kids are asleep). I don't like showering in the morning--it wakes me up, but it also means my hair is wet when I go to work (me and a blow dryer do not belong in the same room). I usually put it in a bun or twist if that is the case, but that results in my neck being cold and my hair still being wet when I get home. Plus, my office is an icebox. So if my hair is wet when I go in, I need to be wearing an extra layer of clothing to keep me warm(er). If I shower at night, I go to bed with wet hair. And helloooooo bedhead. It's hard to tame in the morning. Last night I opted to shower at night. I think the key is to do it AS SOON as the kids go to bed so that it's mostly dry by the time I go to sleep. Unfortunately, I attempted to do this, and it woke J up, because the headboard of her bed is against the wall shared with our shower. Hmmm....

So for today I decided to focus on my hair. I left it down. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but to me it is. I hate the feeling of my hair on my neck--the way it curls behind my ears and on to my neck, specifically. I usually throw it back in a ponytail but since that seems to be my "signature look" I decided to defy that today. I do have the front of my hair pulled away from my face, but I am suffering through my hair being around my neck.

Oh, and I'm hitting the gym after work. My first time since last week... but I had a cold and that kept me away.

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